Thursday, February 25, 2010 is OPEN!!!!!!

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I started my own online vintage and second hand clothing store. Well, I am pleased to announce that - is officially open!!! CjsRedCloset was first conceived when I decided to remove every piece of clothing from my closet which did not reflect me.  I returned to what I knew - old clothes and thrift stores!  My wardrobe transformation was just the external expression of what was happening internally. People took notice and I began supplying my friends and family with some great stuff. 

CjsRedCloset is small right now, but stay tuned, I have loads more to offer for any budget.

Here is a sampling of what has to offer.
This a great Chanel-esque suit. The color is bright, fun and the suit is in excellent condition. Throw on loads of pearls and go Coco Chanel all the way. Or you can rock the jacket with some dark-wash straight leg jeans - over the knee boots and graphic tee. Check it out up close!

The following is one of my favorite dresses from one of my favorite designers - St. John. The quality of knit is outstanding and has been imitated for generations. This green gem is a rare dress from her earliest 60s label. It is made from a soft nubby knit, has open-weave bell sleeves and is in excellent condition. has several St. John sweaters and dresses and I am adding more all the time!