Thursday, October 27, 2011

Which Lady in Red are YOU!

Take a look at these fabulous finds on Etsy each in my all-time favorite color RED! 
Can't you imagine wearing one of these gems!  Which woman are you?

The Rocker
Cropped Leather Jacket Womens Black Red Small
80s Cropped Leather Jacket from SkinandWood 

The Classic Lady
Vintage 70s Red St. John Pleated Asian Inspired Suit SM
Classic St. John Asian Inspired Suit by CjsRedCloset

The Bohemian Soul
Vintage 70s 80s Bohemian GYpsy hippie hand Embroidered Reversable black red flower jacket top 12 14
70s/80s Boho Gypsy Reversible Jacket from SHMOOZIN

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Official Fabulous Find #1

Okay, this is exactly why I LOVE search engines when it comes to fulfilling my fashion fantasies. For instance, since I was a little girl I have loved train cases.  You know those rectangular (or round) mini suitcases that typically house a mirror,  a tray with a couple of sections and three or four elasticized pouches where you can safely store all things girlie.

A couple of days ago, during my daily visit to Etsy, I got it into my mind to go on the hunt for one.  Then suddenly in a flash of genius I thought,

I wonder if any were made in....

wait for it....

here it comes...

patent leather! 

With a stroke of the keys, the following thing of beauty popped in front of me from the fabulous Etsy Shop Catcontrare

I have to say...I am in Love.  This 1950s train case, done in brown patent leather, is perfect for a woman like me.  A women who loves her fashion, loves what's classic with a twist;  and even though she is not your typical girlie girl, likes a litte shine every now and then.

Official Fabulous Find #1

Brown Patent Leather Train Case from Catcontrare

Catcontrare hosts a multitude of one of a kind and vintage finds.  Check it out and don't forget to stop by CjsRedCloset to see what's new.  

Till next time!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Wish List of All Things Fabulous...What is on Your Wish list?

I - like many others have a fashion and decor wish list.  I call it my wish list of  "All Things Fabulous".  Here is a sampling of the items I secretly dream about. In my dreams I am slipping on my fabulous vintage clothes oozing with hollywood and haute couture glamour.  I make myself a fabulous drink, and enter my fabulous living room where I lounge on my fabulous furniture and sink into the fabulous beauty that surrounds me.  All compiled on the cheap of course.

Check it out! Tell me what's on your list of "All Things Fabulous".

Leopard Print - A Must-have for any Vintage Lover - In One Form or Another!

   The LBD - Not Just Any Dress - A Coco Chanel!

Vintage Louis Vuitton Travel Cases - Talk About Wishing....

Coco Chanel's Infamous Sofa - Does it look familiar?  If you are a "Frasier" fan - look closely. Ok, I realize that obtaining the original (shown here) is somewhat challenging...
But if Fraiser can get a respectable copy, so can I.

"La rose au pollen de diamants"  by Erte
It doesn't have to be this print, but an Erte print is somewhere in my future.

Where I would wear Tails is still a mystery - I would lose the Top Hat - but this is Menswear done right. 

I hope you have enjoyed my small sampling of my extensive wish list of fabulous.  I have loads more. 

What's on your wish list of Fabulous?!?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Vintage Coat: The Love of my Vintage Life

There is nothing that floats my boat more than a fabulous vintage coat.   I understand it is the middle of summer and o te ast coast we are experiencing a heat wave.  Yet, no matter what the temperature or heat index - I am always on the hunt for the fabulous. 

In fact, it was a vintage green silk boucle coat with a blonde mink collar that turned me from a collector into a seller.  So many of my friends asked me where I got the coat and if I could find them "something vintage"  Before I knew it CJsRedCloset was born.

I bought my coat for about $35 including shipping. It was in beautiful condition was exceedingly warm and of the highest craftsmanship.  I have never ever bought a modern day coat since.  And until I score a serious deal on couture or high end designer - I will be wearing vintage all the way.  There are two reasons for this:

1. The material and craftsmanship can't be beat.  In fact,  I once read that many of the quality textiles of decades ago, no longer exist because they are simply too expensive to produce. Whether that is a literal truth or not doesn't matter to me because I am a label reader.  There are shops and main line department stores selling acrylic and wool blend coats for $200 and $300 dollars a pop  that before the winter is over have pilled and gotten nappy and nasty.

2. Originality - whether a classic coat like a trench or a style  unique to a certain era or designer - you would be hard-pressed to find 100 people wearing your same coat.   If  you happen to find yourself faced to face with someone sporting something similar  - no one styles vintage exactly the same.

This is a great time to buy vintage coats.  Hit Etsy or EBay and you will find some great deals. 

Here are two fabulous and somewhat rare coats that I am offering in my Etsy shop.  The first is my absolute favorite - I was mortified that it did not fit me.  It is a "I can't believe my eyes!"  vintage find.  he photos really do not do it justice - but I will be fixing that shortly.

I have had many - many coats pass through my closet and ,although this style is very popular and one I have sold over and over again, I have never seen one crafted quite like this and in such beautiful condition.

Handcrafted Black Wool Textured Coat with Mink Cuff and Collar

The coat cuffs are accented with Rich Mink and French Cuff Detailing

This is a double -breasted trench coat in a yummy deep chocolate.  What makes it an unusual find is the moire fabric. It gives the coat a wavy waterlike quality with a beautiful sheen.  Although there may be others, out of the modern designers that I consistently follow, St. John is the only one that offers a moire coat.

Chocolate Moire Trench Coat
Again, I urge you to consider a vintage coat. There is certainly one that fits your sensibilities and style.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to CjsRedCloset on Etsy

What to do, what to do, what to do! This is the major question that I have been asking myself for the past several months in regard to my online vintage store.  After some research and quite a bit of soul searching (hence the absence from CjsRedCloset blog) I decided to shutdown my formal labor intensive webstore and open an Etsy store.  The result - I LOVE IT! I have actually only been selling for a few weeks, so my store is quite new, but the ease of it all is exactly what I needed as a WAH mom of three small children.

There are several reasons I like Etsy:
1. It's fun.
2. It hosts a great community which is highly supportive.
3. The vibe is very cool.
4. There are hundreds of thousands of like-minded vintage lovers.
5. I can manage my store at my own pace and intensity with great results.

I opened my Etsy account in October, but it was not until springtime, that I listed my first items.  Without a great deal of promoting and with a "look and see" outlook, to my surprise I made a few sales.  So I have kicked it up a notch and decided to go full force.  I have been getting some great feedback during my learning curve and am learning a great deal about the world of Etsy.  It has been very enjoyable and much more relaxing than designing and constantly maintaining a labor intensive webstore.  To be honest, Etsy has allowed me breathing room and is providing to be much more cost effective.

Needless to say, although I have been out of the game for a minute, I have been diligently working behind the scenes to keep what I love doing going strong.

I would invite you to visit my new (but old) store CjsRedCloset!

Here is a review of my Beautiful Blues Collection!

Vintage Designer Lanvin Op Art Silk Dress - Sz 12

70s Vintage Ethnic Print Sundress - M/L

Vintage 70s Sheer Crepe Tunic/Dress Sz 14

Vintage Hawaiian Floral Sundress - M/L