Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Official Fabulous Find #1

Okay, this is exactly why I LOVE search engines when it comes to fulfilling my fashion fantasies. For instance, since I was a little girl I have loved train cases.  You know those rectangular (or round) mini suitcases that typically house a mirror,  a tray with a couple of sections and three or four elasticized pouches where you can safely store all things girlie.

A couple of days ago, during my daily visit to Etsy, I got it into my mind to go on the hunt for one.  Then suddenly in a flash of genius I thought,

I wonder if any were made in....

wait for it....

here it comes...

patent leather! 

With a stroke of the keys, the following thing of beauty popped in front of me from the fabulous Etsy Shop Catcontrare

I have to say...I am in Love.  This 1950s train case, done in brown patent leather, is perfect for a woman like me.  A women who loves her fashion, loves what's classic with a twist;  and even though she is not your typical girlie girl, likes a litte shine every now and then.

Official Fabulous Find #1

Brown Patent Leather Train Case from Catcontrare

Catcontrare hosts a multitude of one of a kind and vintage finds.  Check it out and don't forget to stop by CjsRedCloset to see what's new.  

Till next time!

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