Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shoes That Made my Heart Skip a Beat...no Really.

You may think I am exaggerating, but I am not.  I was having one of those days when the kids were very loud but clingy, asking for everything under the sun and having a very difficult time listening to anything I had to say. So as soon as my husband's foot hit the front door, I was gone in a whirlwind.  Minutes later, I found myself in downtown Silver Spring, MD in front of DSW.  I took a deep breath, I knew that I had no business in my state of mind going anywhere near shoes. 

As is my custom, I went straight to the clearance racks.  I didn't know what I was looking for, but I wanted something sexy and different.  I was about to leave, but decided to take a look at the last rack that had only a few boxes. Suddenly, I heard angels singing, the aisle of shoppers parted, and a glorious beam of sunlight was illuminating a lone white box.  If there was a shoe crafted just for me, here it was, in the flesh. Calvin Klein, patent leather and suede, peep-toe MaryJanes.  Originally $138.00 - I paid $50 plus tax.  I sigh in delight everytime I recall that moment.

I wore them Easter with my NEW dress.  Those of you who have followed me, know that I am a thriftstore hound.  85% of my wardrobe is secondhand and I never shop at Department Stores.   But here it is - a rarity to behold - a dress bought at Macy's. Ironically, this dress was also orginally $138.00 and I paid $36.00 after sales and coupon.   Cream jersey dress with abstract floral print and cap sleeves. 

Although I was not wearing any vintage.  I achieved the retro look I love so much. Next time I wear this outfit, I will be sure to take pictures!