Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Wish List of All Things Fabulous...What is on Your Wish list?

I - like many others have a fashion and decor wish list.  I call it my wish list of  "All Things Fabulous".  Here is a sampling of the items I secretly dream about. In my dreams I am slipping on my fabulous vintage clothes oozing with hollywood and haute couture glamour.  I make myself a fabulous drink, and enter my fabulous living room where I lounge on my fabulous furniture and sink into the fabulous beauty that surrounds me.  All compiled on the cheap of course.

Check it out! Tell me what's on your list of "All Things Fabulous".

Leopard Print - A Must-have for any Vintage Lover - In One Form or Another!

   The LBD - Not Just Any Dress - A Coco Chanel!

Vintage Louis Vuitton Travel Cases - Talk About Wishing....

Coco Chanel's Infamous Sofa - Does it look familiar?  If you are a "Frasier" fan - look closely. Ok, I realize that obtaining the original (shown here) is somewhat challenging...
But if Fraiser can get a respectable copy, so can I.

"La rose au pollen de diamants"  by Erte
It doesn't have to be this print, but an Erte print is somewhere in my future.

Where I would wear Tails is still a mystery - I would lose the Top Hat - but this is Menswear done right. 

I hope you have enjoyed my small sampling of my extensive wish list of fabulous.  I have loads more. 

What's on your wish list of Fabulous?!?


  1. I want all of this, lol. You have incredible taste. i adore French furniture and vintage clothing but then again I am very eclectic in most of the choices i made. I also love modern design very much too.... Love the Erte print and anything COCO is just fabulous! Period.

  2. Thanks Beauty and the Green. I know isn't this stuff great!!!

  3. THese are truly all fabulous things. Love it! I'm your newest follower -- would love to see you over at Mindfullyfrugalmom

  4. Oh my! I also dream of one day owning a small piece of vintage LV luggage! What a great blog you have, so fun and original! I'm a new MBC follower and look forward to your future posts!