Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Vintage and Secondhand

1. Save the Earth: It has been said that Americans dispose of clothing that still has at least 80% of its life left. Wearing gently-used clothing is an easy and cheap way to re-cycle. It is a simple and super fun way to reduce waste. You don't have to limit yourself to clothing - you can buy most things at every price point secondhand.

2. You CAN Afford the Best: Check out one of my favorite outfits. I get great compliments and feedback when I wear it! And most importantly it's fun, comfortable and makes me feel great. This entire ensemble (including shoes) cost me $38.00! I scored this navy blue pinstripe Tahari Pantsuit for $19.00! NEW! A similiar Tahari Suit retails for about $300.00. You can look the way you want on the cheap, it just takes some time and a little skill.

3. Be a Fashion Maverick: How many of you have walked down a busy street and seen 3 or 4 women wearing your coat, your pashima, or even worse - your entire outfit! When you wear vintage you simply don't look like everyone else. In this fashion age designers refer back to every single fashion era. In 2010 anything goes - so why not forge your own fashion path. One outstanding vintage piece can set you apart from the masses.

4. Build a Quality Wardrobe: Shopping vintage and secondhand are GREAT ways to build a quality wardrobe that will withstand trends and fads. Even if the "vintage" look is not for you, buying pre-owned high-end duds can get your wardrobe off to a great start. Simply fill in the gaps with new items and accessories.

5. Shopping that Keeps on Giving: Most thrift stores across the nation are established to raise money for specific charities. When you shop at these stores, all of the proceeds go right back into the business and towards the charity. These thrift stores employ tens of thousands of people nationwide, provide education and rehabilitation services, and support food banks and shelters right in your own community. In this economy shopping secondhand can be a win-win situation. You get a great deal and help others in the process.

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