Monday, February 25, 2013

Rest in Peace CjsRedCloset...Rest in Peace

CjsRedCloset is Now Pelham Road Vintage

As many may be able to surmise from my spotty blogging history, I have struggled keeping CjsRedCloset alive as a blog.  In fact everything about having my blog and shop was difficult.  From the day we moved into our apartment five years ago, space was tight.  We had to fit the contents of a  3 story house into a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 really young kids. So you can imagine the chaos and disorganization with the added burden of inventory, lighting equipment and shipping supplies.

My photography studio was my son's bedroom with all the furniture crowded so tightly to the side I had to hurdle his dresser to get to the hallway.  My office was my bedroom.  No, correction.  My office was my bed.  From my modest queen-sized IKEA I wrapped and shipped my packages, I printed my postage labels, I edited my photos and attempted to blog.  If I had not used a broken laptop tray as a barrier, my laptop would be permanently seared to my thighs. 

Under those conditions, as well as sickness and motherhood, my blog limped along looking for a safe place to, well die.  CjsRedCloset took  it's last breathe in August 2012.  It's Etsy shop met an untimely demise in December during the move in to our new house ( enthusiastic fist pump).   According to the Etsy police it was assaulted by internet hijackers.  After a brief resuscitation its banner was removed permanently.  

My new shop Pelham Road Vintage has moved in.  Despite my dramatics this is really more than a name change.  From the start CjsRedCloset the blog suffered from identity issues.  A blog as to have purpose after - all.  It doesn't have to be a DEEP purpose - but it has to exist for a reason.  I couldn't figure out that reason, and I think it showed. 

I blog because I am a writer.  I sell vintage because I love it. When those things became de-prioritized, inspiration for me became as rare as space in that three bedroom apartment I hated.  When I was growing up, it was in our house on Pelham Road where I would tag along with my mom to flea markets, thrift stores and the occasional auction. It was where I became nuts for vintage.  It was on Pelham Road which although I didn't realize it at the time, I started collecting.  Pelham Road was home. And Pelham Road Vintage is going to be home to what I love most - old stuff.

Rest in Peace in peace. 

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