Monday, March 15, 2010

My worst fashion disaster...what's yours!

It was the '70s, I was wearing THE trendy denim wrap skirt and my hand-me down earth shoes (remember those???). They were an orangey-brown and I had the nerve to be wearing pantyhose.

Back in the day there wasn't a whole lot going on in the pantyhose department for women of color, so I was wearing "tan".  Support hose would have looked more fashionable!
I thought I was lookin' good with my wrap skirt and plaid top with a monkey on the pocket.  I was all grown up in my pantyhose and brother's earth shoes.  My confidence was soaring.  I was struttin' along in the mall and felt all eyes on me.  "Solid." I thought to myself and picked up the pace with a switch in my hips.  When I hit the donut stand, I caught the eyes of a man who turned away from me a little too quickly.  He was red-faced and I couldn't tell if he was laughing or embarrased because he was checkin' out such a pretty young thing.  Right On! If Paris Hilton were around she would have said I was HOT!
Seconds later I felt a curious breeze on my legs. I looked down and was mortified to see that my wrap skirt had completely fallen off and was dragging on the floor behind me. Somehow the belt part was twisted in my pantyhose. I thought I would melt into the floor.  When I was getting dressed earlier, I had neglected to extend my fashion sense to include my underpants which were HUGE, bright white granny panties. What made it worst was that my big bubbly, above the navel briefs were stuck up under my panty-hose.  I was paralyzed with horror. I don't know how long I stood there before I hustled to scoop up my dress and re-wrap it.  I never wore that skirt again, in fact I have never worn a wrap skirt since! And it has been decades! 

Tell me one of your fashion disaster!

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  1. Oh man, I think my worst was wearing those spandex type pants with the elastic under the foot. haha Following you back from MBC. Have a great weekend.!

  2. Stirrup Pants!!! Yes - I remember them well, and they are BACK! I went into a store the day before yesterday - one of the teenybopper stores (where you can actually find some great deals). But there they were - in spandexy silver no less!

    Have a great and fashion disaster free weekend!

  3. How embarrassing! I went to work one day (I teach) and I discovered the balled up pantyhose from the day before sticking out of my pants leg! Wanted to die! LOL!