Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get a Uniform! How to Bring Ease Back Into Dressing!

I was reading "Fashion Confessions of a Mommy" at, from a fellow mom blogger.  In her latest post she touched on planning your wardrobe, and it made me think of all the days I spent looking through my wardrobe trying to pull something together.  I remember all the times I was late to events, not even feeling that great about how I looked.  One day while watching one of those "You really can't dress" shows, I had an epiphany.  CJ - you need a Uniform!

So I got to getting.  First I pulled out my two favorite pairs of jeans.  Jeans that actually fit and looked good on me.  Mid-rise skinny jeans and jeans that fall straight from the thigh to a bootcut.  Dark-wash.  Always Dark wash, nothing screams mom jeans like acid wash, or lightwash 80s Billy Ray Cyrus style jeans.  So I started the search for similar styles to start my wardrobe.  Thank God I stumbled into Old Navy quite early in my process, because I HATE trying on jeans.

Right now I'm into "The Flirt" jeans from Old Navy.  They fit my shape well, and if you catch a great sell, they may only be 10 bucks. 

Then I hit Target for their scoop neck long sleeve tees.  I bought 6 of them in a variety of colors on sale for 7 bucks.  The Jean and Tees are the basis of my uniform, plus two button down shirts.  Here is where I get wild and crazy!  I buy jackets, all different types, I just make sure they fit me well.  Fit is everything women!  I have velvet jackets, denim motorcyle jackets, retro 50s and vintage jackets, and menswear inspired.  I shop second hand, so I pay on average $4.99 per jacket.  My new jackets never cost more than 15 bucks.  So I am talking about a cheap wardrobe. 

The key to not looking like a carbon copy of yourself is in the accessories.  Today, I actually went Chanel style with lots of silver 70s necklaces and a 50s style swing jacket.  It was fun and comfortable.  Tomorrow I might wear my brown velvet Guess jacket, Beatles long sleeve tee and a gold pashima!  Easy Peasy.

So if you are like me (disorganized), get a uniform!  Pick your favorite clothes that fit you the best, duplicate the fit and style - then go crazy with hats, scarves, jewelry and anything else that makes you - You.  They key is to love it all!  Even if your outfit is not perfect, you will still feel pretty good about yourself. 

Here I am in my Old Navy Flirt Jeans ($10), Target Tee ($7), Old Lady Silver Necklaces ($2), Denim Motorcycle Jacket ($12.99). I'm no Lady GA GA or Rihanna, and my jacket lapel is a little cock-eyed - but I looked pretty good for a day out with my girls.


  1. Love it CJ. So, happy we can feed off of each other's styles and tips.

  2. Thanks Daphne! Your blog gave me the I just need to fiqure out how to link your blog to mine?!? So much to learn - so little time.

  3. I like your idea of having a uniform... Makes life much easier for a busy mom on the go. I always keep blue or black skirts because I can wear anything with them.