Monday, April 5, 2010

Is a 500 dollar outfit a bargain...

Okay, I realize it might just be me, because I am notoriously cheap when it comes to clothes, but some of these bargain hunting segments on TV are a laugh! A few days ago I was watching the TODAY show and they had a segment on regarding "frugal" clothes shopping and how to "shop the discount stores". You know that's my thing, so I was all ears (and eyes).

(check it out at

I do not want to sound like a discount shopping party pooper - again maybe it is just me - but is one outfit for a little under $500.00 a bargain?  I get it - the original outfit was several hundred dollars more, so it is a savings - but to call it a bargain?!?!  I don't think so.  I've said it before - I'll say it again, a bargain is when you purchase something for significantly less than its true value or worth.   

Ladies - please check out the video and take a look at the outfits.  Please...Pahleeze, let me know if you think they are real bargains.  In my mind, being frugal, (which is a different animal from getting a "sale" or "discount") is a look for under $100.00.  Ridiculous?  I don't think so - check out me in my fav going out with the kids outfit!

Shout out to my 6 year old  who took this picture! 

Striped Blazer $4.99, Beatles Tee - $7.99.  Faux Bakelite Jewelry - %8.99 , Old Navy Jeans %10.00,  zebra flats $0.00 Total $31.97  (Also,  I would like to add, with the exception of my blazer - all were NEW!)

So its not Sarah Jessica Parker, but for a day running around with the kids - not so bad!


  1. I watched the video. I see your point. I guess if you buy every single piece of your outfit new from the store it could add up. I always try to find trendy looks with clothes I already own but have not worn in that combo before. I also look to buy one or two bargain items that I can put together outfits with stuff I already own. I have never added up the cost of everything to see how much my outfits total up to. I am afraid to check. Cause, I have to admit I am one of those people who is brand centric. So, I am willing to spend more for a brand name item knowing how much it costs full price. I do like your outfit though. Especially those lizard loafers. :)

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I love your blog! I am always looking for bargain and I love second hand stores..

  3. Thanks Daphne!

    The funny thing is, I am really cheap when it comes to clothes...but will spend anything on a good meal...isn't that crazy! Also, I do think that there are certain brands that represent true creativity and quality. I am sure I would be one of those crazy women if I had the means to have a closet full of Louie bags. And Diane Von Furstenburg - her vintage is as expensive as some of her current items...and its worth it.

  4. From The Budget Diet girl to my new frugal friend...great blog! I'd love to feature you on my site...The Budget Diet is a diet for your wallet, not your waistline!

  5. I will admit it- I am CHEAP! I can not imagine spending that much on an outfit, because I know that I can get so much MORE for that $500!!! LOL

    I am lucky enough to live very close to a huge outlet mall. (Well, maybe "lucky" isn't the right word because I spend way too much $ there!)

    You look fab by the way.

  6. Sorry guys, I didn't realize you left comments. Bad blogger...

    Kristi - Oh my goodness...a blog with the words diet and budget! I will be stopping by.'

    B's mom - I had to stop going to my thrift stores and outlest for a minute- you really not are saving any money when you buy something you don't need just because its on sale....